Tuesday, 9 April 2013

PS4 or Xbox 720

PS4 or Xbox 720, there's a question! Of course the ideal situation would be to buy both! We can't all do that though, especially at launch, costs and what not!
So again which one do you get?
Well we know the specs are very close indeed, with PS4 reportedly taking the lead with GDDR5 ram and some more powerful graphics hardware, the devs love it. Xbox 720 has only DDR3, which is cheaper but much slower. Aside from that hardware wise they're nearly identical, although the no one yet knows the physical form the machines will take, except high ranking execs.
Onto the software next then, Sony seems to want to make it more about games and the social element of that area, of course Blu-Ray will be included along with other media capabilities.
Microsoft seems to be focusing more on apps and media, continuing the trend they've started on xbox 360. Personally a stronger focus on games appeals more to me as I feel we have enough devices with "apps" as it is. Be it Tablets, Phones, Smart TVs, computers or existing consoles, I don't think apps will be as important as Microsoft thinks. Recent studies show that PS3 is in fact the biggest market for things like Netflix, not xbox 360 and most people use their xbox for games well over and above media.
A possible plus for Microsoft is the rumoured subscription model they'll be taking up, $500 dollars or $300 with a subscription, worthwhile if you already use xbox live and plan on continuing to do so.
I think Sonys showing of the share button and facilities will be a stroke of genius, as Youtube is now huge and only growing, filling it with your games will be very compelling indeed.
Then there's the games, Sony have showed a constant push for new IPs, while Microsoft only appear to support whatever makes the most possible money. Hence the only real recent first part y releases being Halo, Forza or Gears.

So for me, PS4 is the way forward, but what about you? Comment and have your say :-)

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